As you maybe already know, this site was made with WordPress.
So far I am very happy with WordPress and how it is working.
That’s why on the other domain/website we have, I also use WordPress.

But right now I am very sad, unhappy, down.
Yesterday I had open the admin part of my other website.
This took longer than normal.
But once I was in, I saw there was an update for one of the plugins I am using.
This website I am busy setting up as an informational website about Hemianopsia.
The main reason for this is, that I was struck with a cerebral hemorrhage on Jan 1 and 16, 2013
The result of this was hemianopsia.
Since i was in hospital, I took the website offline.
The website was used for a webshop and some other small things.

But when you’re in hospital, it is difficult to do anything with it.
So now in January 2016 I decided to complete remove the old website and make a new one with some information about hemianopsia.
It took me several day’s to find a nice theme plugin for the website.
So slowly I was busy setting up the colors, fonts and some text.
The last thing i was busy with was a discussionboard/forum for the website.
The one I was using first, did not speak to me, so I was looking around for a different plugin.

My plan was to do the update, install the plugin and see how that would look like.
I also was thinking about making the website public and in the background, work on the forum.
So i started the update of a plugin.
But the whole site was very slow.
Suddenly, it looked like everything dropped dead.
No movement at all.
After maybe a minute, I was thrown out of the admin site and got a “Maintenance” message.
This stayed for at least 5 minutes.
After that I could login again, but everything was still very slow.
I saw the message that the update had failed so i started th update again.
And again, the same thing happened.

It was not even possible to get in the management section of the domain.
After two hours, still the same thing.
I also had get several messages that the mail server could not be reached.
So i had sent an email to the provider/hosting company of the domain.

Now, 24 hours later, still no progress.
Still no answer from the hosting company.
So sent them an email again asking about the status.

Normally, in WordPress I don’t have any problems.
Every update is working fine and the site did not went down yet.
For WordPress, this is up to date.
Also all the used plugins are up to date.
On this site and the other website, I am using the same plugins and the same version of everything.
Why it went wrong on the other domain, I have no idea.
But i suspect there was some kind of hick-up in the system were the domain/website is running.
This because the login took so long and also because of the mail server error.

I hope the problem is fixable.
Else all the work, time was nothing.

Update 2 Feb. 2016:
Finally the hosting company contacted me and told me what the problem was and how I could fix my part in this.
After also contacting Jetpack, the website was working again.
Now i am busy updating everything and making backups, just to make sure I dont loss anything.
We will see what the hosting company will do in the furture or if I need to start looking for a new hosting company.

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