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Everyone is/was talking about Windows 10.
Checked out a few things and it looked ok.
But to risk my computer for it, maybe not a good idea yet. 
I already heard from people who had isntalled it, if you don’t like the new Windows, you alway’s can go back to your previous version.
So it looks like there is no risk in trying.

Just to make sure, I used a different laptop and not my own pc to install Windows 10.
For a few day’s I was looking for the Windows icon in the taskbar/system tray.
But after a few day’s of waiting and looking, made the step to install all the updates for Windows 7.
When this was done, I finally saw the Windows icon and made the reservation.

Again after a few day’s I finally got the notification, that Windows 10 was being downloaded in the background.
So left the laptop on for a while.
When this was done, I got the message that I could install it.
So I did.

While it was installing, already looked around on the internet to see if there was already some remarks about it.
So far everything looked ok. There were only some remarks about checking your privacy settings.
Luckely during installation, it was already asking some of the privacy settings and changed them.

Finally all the installing and rebooting was finished and Windows 10 start-up for the first time.
It looked nice.
Better than Windows 8 with all his tiles.
Windows 8 was a mess. If you were looking for something, it took a while to find it.
Not so nice.
With Windows 10, it looks like everything is where it should be and were it was with Windows 7.

The only thing I noticed was that my touchpad for the mouse was not working properly.
Normally you could tab the touchpad for a click with the left mouse button.
But no matter how many times I tab the touchpad, it did not work.
So had to use the mouse button. But after a while, you will get tired of that.
So started looking around to see if there were more people with this problem.
And yes, there was.
There solution was to look at the mouse driver and do a roll back.
I looked at my driver and saw that the driver was very new.
I decided to try the roll back and see if this was the solution.
After the reboot, the touchpad was working the way it should.
I was just hoping that Windows would not update the driver anymore.
The Windows update is now made in such a way, that it will download and install ALL the updates.
In the past you had a choice if you wanted to install that one update or if you wanted to do it later. Now, it will be installed if you want it or not.
But after several reboots and updates, the touchpad is still working the way it should.


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