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After working with it for a few day’s, it looks like everything was working ok.

But suddenly almost every day I was getting a blue screen.
At one point, my computer started rebooting on random times.
At first I thought it had got something to do with the automatic updates of Windows.
So after searching for the settings, I had changed them so I was asked to reboot now or schedule a reboot.

But for some reason, I was still getting a reboot.
One time i was just browsing the internet and suddenly I had get a blue screen.
It had an error, saying that there was something with “Memory_Management”
I just marked down the error and continue to work.
But then i got a blue screen almost every day.
And every time with the same message “Memory_Management”

Because it had happened once when i was browsing the internet, I thought that maybe the problem was my browser, Google Chrome.
A bit strange, because I was using this browser also in Windows 7 and never had any problem.
But just to make sure, I had change to Windows Edge.
The next day, same blue screen again.
So it was not the browser.
Then for a few day’s I just rebooted my computer every day.
This looked ok, but this shouldn’t be.
So did some searching on the internet.
Lots of people were having the same problem and the same error.
Also, never had any problem when they were running Windows 7 or 8.
Because there were some many people with the same problem, there were also so many different solutions.

The one that was coming back a lot, was about the drivers for the video card from AMD.
So I updated that one.
But still, the next day, the same blue screen again.
The next step was to see if I could reproduce the situation.
This was not possible.
The blue screens were random.
Then started to check out the program’s that were started at start-up.
Turned off a few, but no luck.
Drivers were for many people the big problem.
So I started searching the Packard Bell site for driver updates.
No Luck.
Most drivers were from 2010.
So I contacted them and asked were I could find the drivers for Windows 10.
The answer was, No were !
They did not have any drivers for Windows 10 for my model. And they also would not update the drivers for Windows 10.
If I had a problem, I could stick to Windows 7.
Or else look for every single part, who was the maker and look on their website.
Thats a nice support ??
So another thing to think about, next time I am looking for a new computer.

Some also were talking about maybe some bad memory.
A bit strange because in Windows 7 I did not had this problem, but anyway, I could try it.
My computer had 8GB of memory.
This was made up of 4 x 2Gb memory modules.
Standard the computer had come with 2x 2Gb and later on I had installed the extra 2x 2Gb.
These memory modules should be ok, because they had the exact same spec’s.
But to try something, I had take out 2x 2Gb.

Since then the computer is already running for several day’s with out any blue screen.
At home we have Windows 10 on 3 different computers.
Only mine was getting the blue screen.
What i also noticed was, that the other 2 computers (1 pc and 1 laptop) all had 4 GB of memory.
Only mine had 8Gb.
And now 4Gb and it also looks like it is running fine.
Maybe Windows 10 has a problem with 8Gb ??

Later maybe try to take out the current memory modules and install the 2 I had take out.
Just to see what they will do.

And maybe also start looking who is the maker of my system board and try to see on their website if they have new drivers for Windows 10

Update 18-12-2015

After I had posted this, I already tried to see if the problem was in the memory module(s) or not.
So I swapped the two memory modules with the modules I had take out ealier.
At first everything looked ok and that’s why I was thinking that maybe it was a Windows 10 problem.
But to make sure, I just keep on using my computer and see what it would do over a few day’s.
But in the evening I already had get a blue screen again with the same message.
I had started a streaming radio and walked away to get something.
When I came back, it was quite so I checked the computer and saw it had do a reboot.
So just started the streaming radio again and it looked like it was working ok.
Next morning I noticed that the computer had do a reboot again.

During the day I just did my normal things.
In the afternoon I had the usual things running.
Outlook, Thunderbird and Google Chrome
At one point i thought i will open Photoshop too see what it will do when I put a load on it.
Before Photoshop was fully started, a blue screen again.
So i swapped memory module 2 with one of the modules I swapped earlier.
Again I started Outlook, Thunderbird and Google Chrome with a few pages open.
Then started Photoshop.
This time it kept on running.
So I opened a other program, just to put more load on the memory.
The memory load had now go up to 80-85% and everything was still running.
Just to make sure, I just keep on doing the things I always do and hope it would keep on working.

The computer is now running for at least two day’s non-stop and no blue screen.
So it looks like it is a memory problem.
The next thing i will try is too see if i can put three module’s in.
So that i would have 6Gb.
Hope this works and that I had find the cause of the blue screen.
To be continued ……


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