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After my request/reservation for Windows 10, 1.5-2 month’s ago, I finally saw that i could update my PC. 
I also had requested to receive an email, to notify me.
But two day’s after I myself saw that i could update to Windows 10, I still did not get any notification.

After I had click the Update button, the system started to download things.
After that it wanted to start the install.
This did not go without any problem.
I had to try the download and install several times before it finally was working.
Sometime i already go an error in the first part of the install.
Several times i just got the message “Install failed !”
No error code or any other information.

After checking multiple times if i had all the latest updates, I got an error code.
Error code C1900101-20017
Did some research on the internet but there was no clear answer/solution for it.
Some were saying, to check the BIOS and check the setting AHCI.
For me it was on a default setting. I thought it was something like AUTO.
The only other option I had, was IDE.
When I had change this, the system did not want to start-up windows anymore.
So I had put it back again.
The other thing they said you could check, was the boot security.
I checked everywhere in the BIOS, but that option was not in it.

Then at one point, it looked like the install was going ok, but suddenly go the error code 80200053
Again, so many people, so many solutions.
The one that looked liked it was working for me, was on this website;
In there they are showing 3 different methods.
I had tried them one by one and downloaded and installed all the offered software.
After many reboots and try’s, finally the install was going.

After many reboots, finally Windows 10 was on and working.
Now slowly trying all my software and now and then you will find things that is not nice or you want to change.
Just Google and most of the times you will find what you are looking for.
For me, my taskbar, is on the left-side of my screen.
But first i thought that it was looking smaller than in Windows 7.
After a quick search i found out, that it was smaller but it was very easy to adjust it.
Also the Windows Gadgets that is normally on the right side of the screen, was gone.
For me it was very handy that you had some gadgets running there.
Just to keep an eye on things.
Normally i have my CPU and memory usage there.
Also my CPU load and temp and a gadget for my network.
And also for this, there is a tool.
The first one i tried, did not work, but the second one work perfect.

I also found out, that most of the file extensions were pointing to Microsoft “app’s”
But also this was possible to change.
The most used one’s I already changed to my prefered program’s.
Also my default browser was one of the first program’s that i changed from Edge, to Google Chrome.

Only now and then when you click on a file, a different program is started then what i was used to. So slowly one by one, I will change them.

It also looks like Windows now is quicker to boot up.
And the memory usage looks less.

The thing i still need to checkout and change, is all the “app’s” that you see when you click on “start” or use your windows key.
It is a nice feature, but there are different app’s in there that i don’t like or want to use or maybe want to change.
So that will be the next thing to more research for.
I already have several magazines and saw several websites with tips, tricks and tweaks for Windows 10.
So now is a good time to go through them.

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