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Already for some time, I was looking for a online Journal or something like a app.
Just by accident I discover Monkkee.

Monkkee is an online FREE website/journal.
You only need to register and after confirming your email address, you are ready to use it.

Again, it is FREE and secure.

The editor is very nice and looks a bit like a simple WORD editor.
But with enough options for you to use.
You can also use several tags.
You can create your own tags and also modify them if needed.

Once you are in, On the right side, you can select which tag you would like to see.
So simple and easy.
You can make as many tags as you want.

You also can export you entries if you want.

There is no app for it and it looks like there will not be in the near future.
But I think it is not needed.
You can open Monkkee in any browser, also on your mobile device.
They had adjusted the layout for mobile devices.
The only disadvantage I can see in that is, that you cannot use Monkkee offline.
Maybe it is something they need to think of.

For the real happy users, there is also an option to donate some amount, to keep Monkkee free and also so they can develop it more.

For anyone that is looking for any online Journal, for sure I would advice them to try out Monkkee.

(Monkkee can be found HERE)

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