Scale model(s)

scale model

Scale Model(s)

One of my hobbies or things of interest, is scale models.
To be precise, static plastic scale model cars/trucks.

There are many different kinds of Scale Models.
For example, they use different kinds of building material.
There is plastic, wood and metal. Some people also will mention paper.

There are models that you can build, what they will call, straight out of the box.
You build the model as is.

The other one is “scratch”
You build the model according to pictures or drawings you have.
You must made all the parts your self.
It is amazing to see some of these projects.
Its very nice to see something being made from nothing into something.
This kind of build takes a lot of time. Because you need to do a lot of research and the parts you make will take time.

The models I like to make, are the plastic one’s.
They look like the picture on the top.
When you buy the model in the shop, you buy the box.
Inside the box you will find the manual.
This will show you step by step through picture’s, which part goes were and what color you could paint it.

Most of the parts are inside a frame.
The larger parts are most of the times not on a frame.
The parts that you need or need to put together, you very carefully need to cut them of the frame.
Some people use very sharp cutters, others use a very sharp knife the remove the part from the frame.
Sometimes the parts are very small. So when you remove them from the frame, you need to be very carefull.
It is very common that when you cut off a part, it will “fly” away.
If this happens, then the search can begin.
It is in general a challenge to find back the part once it will fall on the floor.
The joke among builders is, that there is a carpet or floor monster living in every house.
Because a lot of times when a small part had fall on the floor, you will never find it again.
If you lucky, you will find the part.
Sometimes it will take several day’s before suddenly you will find the part.
But if it looks like it is lost for ever, then for most of the models, you can contact the company how had made the model, and order a new part.
Most of the times this will cost you only the shipping fee.
Sometimes it is even for free.


(This post is still a work in progress.)

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