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Coursera, (Free) Online Python Course

It’s already been a while since my last post. So it is time for a small update.

Since January/February 2016 I have started an online course at Coursera.
The course that I am following is Python.
The course name is Programing for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) and it is from Coursera.

In the past I had looked and joined so many different online courses, but after a few day’s/lessons, I already gave up. (I think like most of us)
I also downloaded and read so many different books, but again, after a few chapters, you just gave up. There was nothing that kept you or me going.
Until this year is stumble on Coursera.
You can find their website here.
They have a very extensive catalog and I think there will be something for anyone.
First actually I was looking for a Java programing course but I found the “Programing for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

After a quick look at it, it sounded very nice.
And they are offering several ways to follow this course.
You can subscribe and follow it for free.
Or you pay per module.
Or you pay for the whole course in one time.

I opted for the free version.
If you choose the paid version, you also get all the modules and at the end there is an extra module with more study cases. And you will get a certificate.
The free option was good enough for me.
The study cases is nice, but I don’t think i really need them.
If during the course you change your mind and want to get the certificate, then its no problem. As long as you follow all the modules and do all the assignments.

The way it is done.
Every module has several weeks.
Every week there is a video in which the teacher, Prof. Chuck, explains the topic for that week. He is doing it with some samples and is explaining what is happening.
After that, there is a Quiz. In the quiz you will get 10 questions. To pass the quiz, you need to answer 8 out of 10 questions right. If you score less, then you can just do the quiz again.
You can repeat the quiz, 3 times in 8 hours. So if you failed 3 times, you need to wait 8 hours before you can do it again.
After the quiz, there is an assignment.
It is using a special tool to let you program and test your “program”
When the result is correct, you have passed the assignment.
The nice thing about this is, there is, what they maybe call, a stick behind the door.
Something to keep you going.
For every week, there is a deadline. You need to have passed the quiz and finish the assignment, before the last day of the week.
If you can’t, it is no problem. Because you have until the deadline of the course to submit your things.

After the quiz and the assignment, there are still 2 or 3 video’s, just with something fun or informational.
It is a nice and fun way to follow the course. Also the teacher, Prof. Chuck, is very nice to listen to. Now and then he will make small jokes and is very clear in explaining the current topic.

Right now, I am busy with module 3. With every module it will get a little bit more difficult but also more interesting.
So far, I never did so much with an online course, but right now, I don’t want to give up yet.
Every week I will try to finish my assignments or else I will do it the week after. But so far I am still right on track.
Every module has something like 5-8 weeks of material or assignments, so I still have some months to go. But I am sure, I will go until the end.

Slowly I am already looking in the catalog of Coursera to see what else or what I will do after this.

I would say, just have a look at their site. For sure, there will be something that has your interest.
O, before I forget. There is also an app from Coursera. So you can follow you course “On the Go”


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