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Linux Mint (4)

A few day’s ago I had several idea’s for things I could do on my Linux Mint.

The first things was to see if I could connect a bluetooth keyboard to the computer.
Now my keyboard is a usb keyboard but it is not on my table. It is just laying on top of the computer, out of my way.
So I thought maybe connect the smaller bluetooth keyboard to it and keep it on my desk.
After searching and trying so many things, it still did not want to work.
People are talking about that in the past it was working.
I saw several posts here and there that everything was working on Linux Mint 15.
But since Linux Mint 17, everything is changed and it is much more difficult to get it to work.
When the bluetooth is turned on, it will scan for bluetooth device’s and it will find my keyboard.
But it cannot connect. When it is trying to pair, you need to enter a pin code.
When I do this, nothing is happening and after a minute, I get the message that the connection is failed.
One time I had got the message that the connection was succesful, but when I tried the keyboard in my browser, nothing was happening.
So for the time being, I gave up on this one.
The keyboard that I am using is a Trust Mini Bluetooth Keyboard and a Sitecome Bluetooth USB Dongle.
I know the keyboard is working, because I can use it on my Android Tablet without any problem.

The second thing I wanted to try, was to see if it was possible to use Microsoft OneDrive on Linux Mint.
Normally on Windows, you can download and install some software so OneDrive because like an extra drive for Windows. Also on my Android device’s there are apps for it so you can use the OneDrive as storage.
So I thought, let try to see what is possible for Linux Mint.
Well, there is no package that you can install. But there are people who had found a workaround for it.
Then suddenly I was thinking of maybe using my browser.
Because in Windows you also can access the OneDrive through the browser.
This was working fine.
The next thing was to see if I could make changes in one of my documents.
So I clicked it and it was trying to open it.
But it was asking if I wanted to use Word to open the file or if I wanted to use Word Online for the file.
I know the first should not work, because on Linux Mint there is no Microsoft Office/Word installed. And for sure I got the error message.
So I tried the Online Word and to my surprise it was possible to edit my document.
The whole layout of the Online Word version is the same as the standard Word.
After the change, I saved the file and went to my Windows pc the see how the file looks now.
I could open it without any problem and the change that I did to it was there.

I don’t know if it is really handy or what the use for it was, but at least it works.
Maybe one more reason to try to use the Linux pc a bit more.

We will see.


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