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Some time ago, I had get an old computer from a friend.
Well, old is maybe a wrong word. Lets just say second hand.
I think the computer was around 6-8 years old and they wanted a newer one.
Because i was always interested in Linux, i decided to install a Linux version on it.
In the past i alway’s had installed it as a dual boot. (windows and linux)

But this time i wanted only Linux on the computer.
After some research I was reading a article in a magazine about Linux Mint.
The review was very positive, so Linux Mint it would be.
I downloaded it and installed it.
Everything was working fine.
Also in the beginning did some update’s
But then i just left the computer there for some time.
When turning it on, it looked like all was still fine.
I only was getting some errors during updating but did not pay any attention to it.
Until last week.
I was planning on updating my Linux Mint 16 to Linux Mint 17
For some reason this was not possible.
So started to check out the errors during updating.
Found out that Linux Mint 16 was End Of Life, so no more support.
So, they had pulled out the plug on the update servers.

After some more research i found out that i had 2 options.
Option 1, a clean install.
Option 2, manual change some confige files and update something by hand.
For this last one, people were already making remarks that if you would do that, you would not have a very stable version of Linux Mint.
Did a quick look around on my current version and decided to do a clean install.
The programs that i had installed were not that important and you could download and install them again very easy.
So a clean install it would be.

This also gave some problems.
The open source video driver for the Nvidia cards, was not that great and could give problems.
Lucky there was a workaround for it.
When booting the “Live CD” you had to change some startup settings.
Then after the install you should install the Nvidia drivers from Linux Mint.
Did this and it worked great.
Also updating went without any errors.
This version, Linux Mint 17, has a Long Term Support (LTS)
So updating would not be any problem for some time.

(See the next part here. That part is about printer over Wifi with a Canon PIXMA MP620)

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