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So Far.

How is it going so far.
Until now, I am ok with it. It is still getting used to it.
Every time you are trying to compare it with Microsoft Windows. But it is not the same.
So that is something to get used to.

On many forums or discussion boards, people put Ubuntu on the number 1 spot.
Linux Mint is on the second spot.
So this is not to bad.
From Linux Mint, people is also saying that that is the Linux that looks and feels the most like Windows.
That is also the reason why I had installed Linux Mint.
The download it self is not so big.
The ISO for the 32bit version is around 1.3Gb
This is including all the pre-installed software.

The computer that I am using for this is a DELL Dimension 9150
It has a Intel Pentium D processor, 3.00Ghz
2Gb of memory (2x 1gb dimm)
And a 250Gb Westen Digital harddisk
After a clean install, I still had 223Gb left on the harddisk.
Also after the boot-up, the memory usage is around 15-20%
So there is still plenty left.

The booting looks and feels quit fast.
I did some testing and this are the times for the different boot-up and shutdowns.
Cold boot – 1min, 10 sec (this is from power on until work ready)
Full shutdown – 16sec
In to suspend mode – 3sec
Booting from suspend mode – 10sec

For me, this is not to bad.

It is still strange that in spite there are a lot of people using Linux, not many company have a Linux version of their software package.
The most you will see is Microsoft and Apple.
But under Linux, there is a software package that is called Wine.
With this, it should be possible to run Windows programs on your Linux computer.
I did not try this my self, maybe later.
But for a lot of software, there is a “look-alike/feel-alike” version somewhere.

To install software on Linux, is can be sometime very different then on Windows.
There are some software package that have an install executable.
So this is easy to install.
For others you need to do more.
Like opening a terminal window and manually install the software.
But in most cases, there will be a readme file that will tell you step by step how to install it.
And else, there is always the many forums where you can find your answer.

That’s it for now.
I will keep you posted on any other things of which I think that could be handy to know.

Enjoy !

(Part 1 can be found here.)
(Part 2 can be found here. Installing a printer)

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