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Modelbrouwers Forum – A Dutch forum about plastic scale models.
Modelbouw forum NL – Another Dutch forum about plastic scale models.

Revell – This is the website of the model maker REVELL. Here you can find all the models they produce.
Revell Support – On this page, you can find all the building instructions for all the models.
Revell Customer Service – Looking for spare parts for a model? Then try this page.

Italeri – Italeri is an Italian company that also produces model kits. The site is standard in Italian but you also should be possible to select English. Of course, if you need any spare parts for a model, have a look around on the site and you should be able to find an email address to which you can send your request.

Scalemates – On this website, you can find ALL the model kits ever produced. It will show the history and date of release. It even will show some of the prices for the kits. This a very handy site if you want to know something about a model kit.

More links to other model kit-producing companies will come. The links that are shown now, are from the companies that I am building models from, right now.



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