ClixSense is a PTC (Paid To Click) website.

What does this mean ?
This means, that for every ad you watch online, you will get paid.

Clixsense is already online since February 2007.
They have, on this day, already 4.9 million members.
Is Clixsense reliable ?
For me, Yes.
I am already a member since October 2012.
In the past I already had seen their name a lot.
So at one point I decided to join them.
Until today, every request i did for a payout, they had processed it without any problems.

How does it work.
You can join here; Clixsense
Once you have register, you can start earning money.
Maybe it is not much, but every little bit helps.

For Clixsense you start with a FREE standard user account.
Yes, it is really FREE.
If you want, you also can upgrade to a “Premium” account and this will cost you $17 per year.
But for now, I am still a FREE standard account and I am happy with it.

For every ad you will watch they will pay you $ 0.001 up to $ 0.002
Also now and then, the have ads that will pay more.
For example $ 0.01 up to $ 0.02 per ad.
The time that you need to watch the ad (website) is for a standard/Sticky ad, 5 seconds.
For the higher paying ads (regular ads) is this 15 or 30 seconds.

How will you get paid ?
Once you have reaches the payout minimum, you can request a payout.
The payment processors that Clixsense is using are, PayPal, Payza and Payzoo.
The minimum payout for “Standard” users is $ 8.00
The minimum payout for “Premium” users is $ 6.00
Normally they will process all the payout request on Monday and Friday.
(As of July 31, 2015, ClixSense has changed their process of payouts. The payout now will only be processed on Wednesday)

How does it look like or works ?
As I already said before, you only need to watch an ad/website and you will get paid.
On you own page, there is a Clickbar.
It looks like this;

At the “View Ads” button, you already can see how many ads you can watch.
Click on the “View Ads” button and you will see something like this;

Here you can click on the ad you want to watch.
At the bottom of each square, on the right side, you can see for how long you need to watch the ad and how much you will get paid for it.

Once you clicked on the ad you want to watch, you will see something like this;

Just to make sure that you are a real person and not some kind of robot, you need to click on the picture with a cat.
After you had click on the correct picture, a time will show.
This time will count down from 3, 5, 15 or 30 seconds to 0
When the timer is finished, you will see this;

You will see if everything was ok and how much you have earned with this.

If something goes wrong, you will see this;

When you see this, that means that you were not watching the ad/website but had click somewhere else on your computer.
As soon as you go back to the ad window or click on the text, the timer comes back and you will get paid.

In ClixSense you also can have some offers.
With these you also can earn something.
Some times you need to register at a website, then you will get paid.
It all depends on what they have to offer at that time.

You also can register and fill in some survey’s
With these you also can earn money.
A standard earning will be around $ 0.82 – $ 0.85 per completed survey.
Only when a survey is completed, you will get paid.
In the beginning of a survey they will ask you some standard questions, just to see if this survey is something for you or not.
If not, then sorry, but you will not get paid.
But if you have filled in a complete survey, they will put the money on your Clixsense account.
Sometimes the also have survey’s that will pay op to $ 4.00
This way you can reach the minimum payout quicker.
But it also can happen that maybe for a week, there is no suitable survey for you.

An other way to earn some extra cash is with a game they have, that is called ClixGrid.

With this game you can earn up to $ 10.00
But you need to be lucky.
On the top right side, you can see your stats for ClixGrid.
Each day you will have 30 changes to earn something.
When you have finished you 30 click for that day, you need to wait for the next day to get the next 30 click.
(“Premium” users will have 60 clicks per day)

You just click on a square in the Grid.
You will see an ad for 10 seconds.
After that you will see if you had won something or not, and how many clicks you still have left.
The prices are at random places every time.
The best way to play this, is to stick to a pattern.
Just repeat this every day and for sure you will win something.
The change of winning a small price, like $ 0.05, is bigger then winning a big price of $ 10.00
The only way is, just play and hope for the best. 🙂

It is also possible to install a ClixSense bar.
This ba will be installed as a plugin in your browser.
Every time there is a ad or a survey, you will see this in that toolbar.
So you don’t need to login every time to see if there is something for you or not.

What can you earn on average per month ?
That differs.
Sometimes there are a lot of ads and survey’s
Sometimes there is very little.
But I think you can get around $ 10.00 per month (or more)
This also depends on, if you have referrals or not.

What are referrals ?
If you refer a person to register on Clixsense, with you as a “sponsor”, you also can earn from them.
From every referral that is watching a ad, you will get $ 0.0001 up to $ 0.002
This is not much, but YOU don’t need to do anything for it.
There are some PTC sites, where you also can have referrals.
Or you can rent them.
But to get their earnings, you need to be active every day and every day you need to watch certain ads before you can earn something from your referrals.
With ClixSense you don’t need to do anything.
As long as your referral keeps on watching and clicking, you will earn something.

How can you get referrals ?
On your personal page at Clixsense, there is a section that is called “My Affiliate Details”
Here you can find a link.
You can promote this link were every you want.
Every person that will register through that link, will be your referral.
In that section, you also can see how many referrals you already have and how much you have earned from them.

When I joined ClixSense, I was first active for a few weeks.
After that, I think I did not do anything with it for a year.
And now, now and then I will just watch some ads and sometimes just leave a for a few day’s again.
So I am not really that active.
But I already requested many payouts and every time, within a few day’s, the money was on my PayPal account.
The only thing you need to keep in mind is, that every time you request a payout, ClixSense will charge you a small amount for it.
They will deduct this from the amount you are requesting for payout.
It is only a few cents, so that should not be any problem.

Interested ?
You can join here; Clixsense

I hope you like this review and want to join also.
If you have any questions, please contact me and i will try to answer your question asap.
Have fun !


Some additional information.

In many PTC websites/programs, it is not possible for family members to join.
What I mean, family members that live at the same address and use the same IP address when you connect to the internet.
That means that every one that joins you, need to do this from a complete different IP address.

For ClixSense it is possible for other family members to join.
They can all use the same IP address. (The IP address that is connected to the internet)
BUT !! Every person that joins, in you family/household, need to have his/her own computer.
And only use that computer with his/her account.
You should not use any other ClixSense account on that computer.

For example.
You have two computers and two people who wants to join.
Each one should do this on his/her computer and not use the other computer with a different account.
So person 1 uses computer A
And person 2 uses computer B
Person 1 should not use computer B to login on ClixSense.

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