Our fish

A while ago, we have “adopted” some fish and an aquarium.
In this aquarium were some guppies but also a pair of Catfish
Now after some time, we think the fish are comfortable, because on friday April 17 – 2015, there were some eggs from the female catfish.

Normally, the male catfish will take care of the eggs after the female has laid the eggs in the hideout.
They lay the eggs in there hideout, to protect them.
On the average it will take 4-10 days before the eggs are hatched.
The eggs are like small balls, a bit foggy on the outside, and the inside looks something like an egg yolk

When the eggs are hatched, during the first few hours, the male will try to hide them in their hideout.
When it is feeding time, he will leave the hideout for a short time and then return to the eggs again
When the baby catfish are bigger, then he will let them go and they will discover the world on their own.

This is the second time that we have catfish eggs.
The first time we had about 10-15 baby catfish.
But slowly on, everytime we found a dead one in the tank.
But gradually they died one by one.
By the fourth week, all were dead (very sad)
But they were very nice to look at.
They looked like small versions of the adult catfish.

In the beginning, it is difficult to see the difference between a male and female catfish but when they grow bigger, you will be able to notice it

This time we hope that the babies will survive
We are already collecting more information about how to keep them.
Cross our fingers and hope for the best.

This is the female catfish

The male catfish was out of his hidding, for a quick dinner, so i took the opportunity to take a picture.

See part 2 here

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  1. tante Con says:

    I must say you all are doiing a very good job with the fish nice to see
    greetings Tante Con

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