Our Fish (part 4)

There is not much news about our catfish.
It is almost 3-3.5 weeks ago since we spotted the first baby catfish.
And so far, it looks like they are doing well.
This morning, before the light was turned on in the fish tank, we counted 11-13 baby catfish that were sticking to the glass of the fish tank.

During the day it is not easy to spot them.
They are still small and have} some kind of camouflage colors.

(Baby catfish sticking to the glass)

Female and baby catfish

So far, it looks like the way we are feeding them, is working.
As i mentioned previously, it is a combination of Pleco and LiquiFry

The pieces of Pleco tablets were put in places where the baby catfish is staying most of the time.
The LiquiFry is some kind of drops, that will dissolve very quickly in water.
We drop the drops in several places in the fish tank so it will spread more.

We feed them every day.
Till they are bigger, we will feed them every other day.
It is difficult to feed the baby catfish only because all the other fish (guppies) will also try to get the food as soon as they notice it.
The baby catfish also like the driftwood that we had placed.
You can see several catfish resting on it or crawling over it and hiding here and there in the gaps.
The male and female catfish also like the driftwood because very often, you can also see them resting on it.

To be continued….

For part 3, see here

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