Our Fish (part 3)

Almost a week after the first baby catfish was spotted, we noticed that the male catfish was out of his hideout more often than the day before.
After a close inspection of the fish tank, suddenly we spotted 7-8 baby catfish.
We suspect that all the eggs were hatched and that they are now big enough to discover the world. As such, the male catfish does not need to look after them anymore.

Right now I am using a combination of tablets – Pleco, and LiquiFry.
The Pleco tablets also contain spirulina.
Because the tablets are too big for the baby catfish, I cut one tablet into) 4 pieces ,so that they will dissolve quicker.
I will try to place the pieces of tablet near the places where the baby catfish often frequent and the remaining pieces in their hideout.

Today I also put a piece of driftwood in the fish tank. Before the driftwood can be used, it has to be soaked in water for several days and change the water daily. This is to loosen the dirt from the driftwood.
The driftwood floats so we put something heavy on it to make it sink to the bottom. This piece of driftwood has some holes and the baby catfish are able to rest or hide in them. Gradually, algae will grow on the driftwood and the baby catfish will graze on it.

After I had put the driftwood, one of the baby catfish was already inspecting it.

To be continued ….

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