Our Fish (part 2)

Today we saw the first baby catfish and we will expect to see more in the coming days or perhaps hours.


A few hours later, and we have spotted number 2 of the baby catfish.

As you can see, it is still very small. After the first photo was taken, it was nowhere in sight. It is possible that the baby catfish is big enough to leave the hideout and wanted to be away from the father for a while.

During the first 2-3 days, the baby catfish will feed on what they call, egg sac.
After that they will need other kinds of food.
There are several advice about what to feed them.
Some are saying, first feed them “LiquidFry” and then after 1-2 weeks switch to tablets that will dissolve quickly.
Others are saying, do not use “LiquidFry” but start with crushed spirulina and then tablets for algae eaters.
And if you use the “LiquidFry” try to squirt it in their hideout.
(A bit difficult but we will see what we can do)
They are also saying, try to put some “driftwood” in the fish tank so the baby catfish can graze on it.

So today we will try to look for spirulina and driftwood.
(We already bought driftwood. Maybe later will place a photo of it)
And maybe try a combination of different things to feed them.

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