Our Fish (5)

This will be (for the time being) the last post about our baby Catfish.
Why ?

A few weeks after the last post, we noticed that we were seeing less and less of the baby Catfish.
We even saw a few death baby Catfish.
No idea what could be the cause of this.
But finally, one baby Catfish was still alive.

(baby Catfish near the mother Catfish)

But sadly, a week or two ago, suddenly the last baby Catfish also had died.
It is still a puzzle why this had happened.
You could see that he/she was growing slowly.
So food shouldn’t be the problem.

At this moment there are no more baby Catfish alive.
On one side, we are very sad.
On the other side, we had made a big improvement from the first time we had baby Catfish.
The first time, they only survived for 3-4 weeks.
This time they had been alive for 2-3 months.

In the mean time, we will keep on doing more research so that next time they will live longer.
As soon as we have egg’s or see new baby Catfish, we will post it here again.

(Part 4, see here)

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