Update May 4, 2024

Already for some time, I have a YouTube channel. On there, I posted some personal videos, but also videos of ...
Fiat Abarth 695SS

Fiat Abarth 695SS – Intro

Fiat Abarth 695SS - Intro The Fiat Abarth 695SS is the new project on the table. Well, the full name ...
Kenworth T600

Kenworth T600 – Review

Kenworth T600 - Review This is just a simple review of the Revell Kenworth T600. Revell number 7446. The kit ...
Camaro Z/28 - 1969

Camaro Z/28 (1969) – Review

Camaro Z/28 (1996) - Review This is a short review of the Camaro Z/28 (1969) from Lego. This was the ...

Corvette – Finished

Corvette - Finished The Corvette from Lego is finished. To be honest, before I started this model, I had my ...

Corvette – Part 2

Corvette - Part 2 The build of the Lego Corvette is going well. Right now, I am halfway. No strange ...

Corvette – Part 1

Corvette - Part 1 The Chevrolet Corvette from Lego is the next new project on the table. Details Here are ...
Studebaker 1953

Studebaker 1953 – Finished

Studebaker 1953 - Finished The 1953 Studebaker from AMT in the scale 1:25, is finished. It was a challenge. This ...
Studebaker 1953

Studebaker 1953 – Part 1

Studebaker 1953 - Part 1 The new project is on the table. It is the Studebaker 1953 from AMT. This ...
Ferrari California

Ferrari California (closed top) – Review

Ferrari California (closed top) - Review Here is a short review of the Ferrari California (closed top) from Revell. I ...



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